iPad Implementation Plan for the ISB Library

To provide curricular content that enhances curricular units and the school's curricular program.
To encourage the creation of digital content in regards to the curriculum as well as literature appreciation.
To offer a differentiated experience of literature in the form of interactive and ebooks.

  • Twenty five iPads are available in the Elementary Library

  • iPads are to remain in the library for use in the library

  • Anyone may use an iPad in the library—teacher, parent, or student
    • Students receive priority
    • Class Instruction
      • 10-20 minute curricula enhancement
      • 10-20 literature appreciation
      • Child use in the library
        • Check out at the desk
        • Decide upon app
        • Apply for usage, ie book, math game, science exploration
          • App options will be provided to the students

App Installation
  • Free
    • Librarian finds free apps and installs on all
    • Paid
      • Librarian creates a batch of paid for apps
      • Send an email to Laura
      • Laura creates an Overseas Purchase Order Form
      • Purchasing office gifts to Russell
      • Russell purchases
      • We redeem in our iTunes Store
      • And install

App Integration
  • The librarians will find and test all apps prior to usage
  • The librarians will take app suggestions given by teachers and students
  • Once tested, implementation may occur

iPad Instruction
  • All apps will be downloaded and checked beforehand
  • Instruction will tie into the curriculum at some level
  • All kids follow the same lesson and stay within the appointed app
  • Teachers are included to help and participate with the lesson
  • Apps will be opened for the younger classes
  • Instruction on navigation and purpose will be provided for older classes
  • Students are to stay on task within the app

iPad Rules
  • The school rules of be safe, be responsible, and be respectful will be followed
  • Two more rules will be added
  1. Be patient
  2. Be a risk taker